Workshops, Meetings & Retreats

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Are you confident that you get the right stuff accomplished when you invest the time and money to bring people together? Training and meetings get a bad rap as a barrier to “real work” when they can actually be catalyst for forward-moving progress – if done right.
Our high impact methods ensure a great payoff. Our hallmarks are…
  • Razor-sharp design
  • Expert support for planning team, presenters, facilitators
  • Pre-meeting engagement
  • Innovative participant interaction
  • Back-at -the-ranch momentum.

In all that we do, we blend experiential learning and advancing real work.  Workshops link to your strategic imperatives. Meetings and retreats expand skills and toolkits.

Our roles? We can design, facilitate, offer sidelines support on-site or prep you to handle everything on-site – whatever mix serves you best.

Workshops – Delivered stand-alone or snapped into meetings & retreats.

  • Building Shared Vision– Our Vision-in-a-Box® method builds bold futures, unifies efforts and accelerates progress.
  • Working with Style – Improve communication and relationships, using the DiSC® portfolio of style tools.
  • Work of Leaders – Diagnose gaps and build concrete skills around three fundamentals – Vision, Alignment and Execution
  • Rapid Innovation Lab – Create breakthroughs on products, process and projects.

We can Train the Trainer to bring workshop capabilities in house.


  • Global Leadership Meetings
  • Strategy Meetings & Retreats
  • Project Launches
  • Team Building Sessions
  • …or any opportunity where people convene to make important strides forward


  • Leadership Teams
  • Departments or Functional areas
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Task Forces/Project Teams
  • Non profit Board and Staff teams
  • …or any group that with a mission-critical job to do