Build Shared Vision

Does your team share a clear picture of future success? Building shared vision isn’t an elusive skill or check-the-box activity. It is a driver that helps set priorities, align decisions, and lead to results.
We have practical tools that work, including our unique rapid visioning processWe can help you and your team…
  • Articulate your ideal future, rapidly and concretely
  • Engage others in defining the future state
  • Cascade and inspire ownership

Not sure if your vision is shared? Test it against the five common patterns – or vision blockers – illustrated below.  Learn more in our Got Vision? article.

A team with shared vision is one of the most valuable resources any organization can have. It trumps funding, technology, gold plated degrees or press.

– Marci Harris, CEO Popvox




Stuck at the top

Vision Blocker-Stuck at Top

Caught in the middle

Vision Blocker-Caught in the Middle

Not linked and synched

Vision Blocker-Not Linked and Synched


Vision Blocker-Vague


Vision Blocker-Dated