DiSC on Catalyst

Transform your DiSC experience with a personal Catalyst portal. Spoiler alert – it’s game changing!

A fresh new platform provides even more individual & team benefits of the DiSC personality tool. Complete a brief assessment (or convert your prior DiSC data), then surf around.

  • Dig into your personalized DiSC style and Workplace results on a dynamic platform.
  • Compare your style with colleagues’ styles. See a preview in the 2-minute intro video.
  • Create customized group maps for any mix of colleagues in your Catalyst organization.
  • Add optional DiSC Agile EQ or Management profiles. No new assessment required, we unlock add-ons for you.
  • Download a PDF for any/all of your Catalyst profile results – Workplace, Agile EQ, Management. This sample has it all!

Catalyst in action

Browse the brochure – dowload here.

Got 2-minutes? View the intro video.

Want a deeper dive? Here’s an expanded platform tour in only 8 minutes.

Timely articles, fresh research

How to Stop the Great Resignation – download here
Hint: It Starts with Managers.

Tackling the Virtual Culture Dilemma – download here
Help your people work better together while officing apart.