Run your own workshops. We can help.

Lead your own sessions – with as much or as little VisionFirst support as you want.

Experts at VisionFirst can advise, troubleshoot, or design customized workshops. We can lead, you can lead or we can team up to lead together. We can even provide an optional administrative account for you to run and manage reports with your company’s branding.


Get a facilitation kit.
A profile has its own facilitation kit with slides, handouts, scripted workshops that you can customize and an array of video clips you can snap in.

Get DiSC-certified.
Become an Everything DiSC Certified Practioner. This dynamic, immersive two-week class has 4 virtual live instructor-led classes and 5 modules done on your own time.  More info and upcoming dates here.

Get Everything DiSC Essentials.
On-demand learning about the DiSC model and reports. Insights about DiSC Workplace, Productive Conflict, Management Work of Leaders and Sales.