What do visionary leaders really do?

What do visionary leaders really do?

What do visionary leaders really do? We posed this question to management professors from around the world when we spoke at the June 2015 EAM-I conference Managing in a Global Economy in Lima, Peru.

“Push the limits,” “explain the why,” “incorporate ideas from followers,” and “take down barriers to progress” were among their many concrete suggestions. The group’s examples harmonized with the three overarching must-do’s of successful leaders that we presented – creating a vision, building alignment, and championing execution. A+ all around.

In a dynamic discussion, we explored the inherent tension that every leader faces. Capitalizing on natural strengths also leads to troubling gaps.  The very leader who promotes a bold agenda may be less inclined to test assumptions. Or a leader known for listening well may dial back to a too-safe goal.

How can a leader avoid risky blind spots? The well-researched and practical Work of Leaders® model helps leaders make the most of their natural instincts and strengthen undeveloped muscles. It is our go-to resource when working with leaders at all levels. As one of our Lima participants observed about the framework, “It says it all.” We agree.


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